New partnership: Romanian Association of Banks

Updated: Feb 20

The Romanian Association of Banks (RAB) is one of the strongest professional associations in Romania which represents the entire banking market - made up of 32 banks active as Romanian or foreign legal persons in the financial sector - and which expanded by including other 9 affiliate members, non-bank companies, thus setting the foundation of a partnership with the intention of contributing to the consolidation of a predictable, transparent and reliable business environment in Romania. The priorities of the banking industry are related to maintaining the banking sector’s role as main financier of Romania’s economy while assuring the stability and credibility of the banking sector.

The Romanian Association of Banks has a thirty-year tradition and has been a member of the European Banking Federation since 1991 (with full rights since 2007), of the European Payments Council, of the European Mortgage Federation, of the European Banking Institute and of 26 national lucrative bodies for developing and improving the economic framework. To this end, the banking community makes available over 800 experts from credit institutions and affiliate members who participate in 24 technical commissions.

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