Swiss consortium to spur blockchain-based innovation with a Gold Token

SEBA Bank, a FINMA licenced Swiss Bank providing a seamless, secure and easy-to-use bridge between digital and traditional assets, today announced that Argor-Heraeus, aXedras and SEBA Bank are joining forces to create a Gold Token.

The project aims to issue a token backed by responsibly sourced gold, providing a cost-effective access to the precious metal. Together with Argor-Heraeus, the first refinery joining the consortium, and aXedras, a blockchain based precious metal platform, SEBA Bank ambitions to boost and promote the Swiss gold ecosystem and set a new standard in the stablecoin sector.

The SEBA Gold Token can be used as a stablecoin in the digital economy, allowing transactions settlement, trading and act as a store-of value shielding holders from the volatility in traditional and crypto markets. The token will allow physical delivery in investor-specified quantities and will empower the holder with responsibly sourced gold.

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